2.5mm CleanClicker® Fiber Optic Connector Cleaner


The best-selling CleanClicker® from Sticklers®. This refillable, installer-grade tool delivers 750 cleanings per unit, making it extremely economical. The high-purity cleaning ribbon delivers perfect cleanings with just one click, so you really get 750+ clean connectors. Engineered for SC/APC, SC/UPC, FC/APC, FC/UPC, ST, E2000/UPC, E2000/APC, OptiTap® and other hardened SC-sized connector systems and transceivers. This tool has the most gentle activation forces of any tool on the market, reducing the chance of damaging end-faces during cleaning. It also features the longest barrel length so it can operate in high fiber-count panels without disrupting the adjacent connectors.

  • Cleans both unmated connector and connectors in the adapter
  • 750+ cleaning capacity and refillable
  • Unique Feature: Refills are sold in a pack of two cartridges (see below)
  • Saves money and time without sacrificing cleaning performance
1.25 CleanClicker™ 750 2.5 CleanClicker™ 750
Ferrule Services 1.25mm 2.5mm
Label Colour Code Green Blue
Connector Systems Serviced
  • LC/UPC
  • LC/APC
  • Hardened LC
  • MU/UPC
  • MU/APC
  • Some hardened 1.25mm*
  • SC/UPC
  • SC/APC
  • ST
  • FC/APC
  • FC/UPC
  • E2000/UPC
  • E2000/APC
  • Some hardened 2.5mm*
  • OptiTip
Cleaning Capacity 750+ (Refillable) 750+ (Refillable)
Description Part Number Cleans
1.25mm CleanClicker™ 750 Cleaner MCC-CCU125 750+
1.25mm CleanClicker™ 750 Refill Cartridge (2) MCC-CCR125 1500+
2.5mm CleanClicker™ 750 Cleaner MCC-CCU250 750+
2.5mm CleanClicker™ 750 Refill Cartridge (2) MCC-CCR250 1500+