Anti-Static & General Purpose Circuit Chillers


  • Used to find intermittent faults in circuit boards
  • Chills to lower than -45°C in seconds
  • Two versions: the standard product which is not ESD-safe, and one with an ESD-safe additive that also prevents ice from forming on the PCB.
  • Both are nonflammable, for maximum safety
  • Ultra-pure

Technical Details
Chemical Family: HFC
Safety Rating: Nonflammable
Evaporation: Instant
VOC Content (g/L):

Product Part Number Packaging*
 General Purpose Circuit Chiller (StatZAP™ Compatible) MCC-FRZ 280g Aerosol
 Anti-Static Circuit Chiller (StatZAP™ Compatible) MCC-FRZA 280g Aerosol

* Reusable StatZAP™ ESD Eliminator can be used on all MicroCare® aerosol cans, except for products MCC-DST and MCC-DST14A