ANY CARTESIAN-SERIES (AC servo motor cartesian robot)


  • High precision and high speed processing are available based on AC servo motor & ball screw & LM guide.
  • Easy patterning job with built-in sealing dedicated program.
  • Function to correct existing coordinates when exchanging tools.
  • Functions of various modes for pre-application end point treatment & for filling the designated area.
  • Automatic conversion of moving trace designed using CAD to robot program.
  • Minimizing the path tracing error by using dynamic feed & forward control.
  • Suppressing vibration of mechanical part joints by notch filter installed.
  • Various acceleration & deceleration modes support.


Model 331(R) 441(R) 552(R) 662(R) 882(R)
Range of operation X 300mm 400mm 500mm 600mm 800mm
Y 300mm 400mm 500mm 600mm 800mm
X 100mm 100mm 200mm 200mm 200mm
R(Axis) 300deg 300deg 300deg 300deg 300deg
Speed PTP R, X & Y, Z 500mm/sec, 300mm/sec
Speed CP X & Y & Z 500mm/sec
Speed RAxis 360∘/sec
Repeatability accuracy R, X&Y&Z(Axis) ±0.02mm, ±0.02∘
Resolution (All axis) 0.001mm
Portable weight (Tool) 7kg
Machine type Ball screw
Programming method T-box, PC
Operating method T-box, PC, Front-panel, System I/0
Drive method 3∅, AC servo
Control method PTD & CP (2D/3D line, Circle)
Number of controllable axes 3 axes, 4 axes (360∘)
External interface RS232-C 2ch
System input, Output In:24, Out:6
External input ,Output In:32, Out:32
Program capacity 100 programs, 1000 steps/PGM
Data memory capacity 20,000 step, 20,000 points, Batt backuo SRAM
CPU 32bit DSP (900 MFLOPS)
Dimensions W 676mm 802mm 902mm 1002mm 1202mm
D 673mm 773mm 873mm 973mm 1173mm
H 390mm 390mm 454mm 454mm 454mm
Weight 40kg 43kg 47kg 50kg 53kg
Input power 2∅ AC 180-253V
Consumption power MAX 2000V
Working ambient temperature 0-40∘
Relative humidity 20-95%, No condensation