Higher performance in a simple and compact body — Super CASTUGNON

  • Under the concept of “Simple & Compact”, the development of CASTUGNON C551Se has started from a new packaging. This miniaturized crimping unit has a simple design, and still offers a high crimping performance of 2.5 ton. The unit also integrates an automatic crimp force setting function and a crimp force monitor, with which you can check a crimping condition on a LCD screen. This amazing functionality and performance can only be described as “concentration of KODERA’s advanced technology”.
  • Since the terminal reel is stored into a lower part of the body, you can exchange the terminal reel faster and work much more efficiently. Moreover, a radical downsizing of 65% in volume (compared to C451A) was realized.
  • With other new changes, such as an interactive all screen LCD touch panel, you will be convinced that C551Se is a revolution. By installing the crimp height automatic reproduction mechanism (CHA) as standard to the Super CASTUGNON C551Se with crimp force monitor, it is possible to eliminate the need for height adjustment and to reduce the time required for tooling change.
  • When the CHA is attached to the conventional Super CASTUGNON C551Se as an option, it is possible to upgrade it to C551SZe.KODERA’s creativity and technology has realized “ideal”.