Manual Syringe Gun Dispenser



  • The gun is lightweight yet robust enough for even the most demanding applications.It is portable and ideal for production work or field work. A 7: 1 leverage lever reduces hand fatigue and is a significant improvement over manual hypodermic syringes, squeeze bottles or toothpaste type tubes. Typical applications include RTV sealing, silicone sealing, epoxy (not rapid cure), potting, solder paste and solder flux, jointing compounds, mastics, gel to blister packs, roach gels, adhesives, inks, UV gels and greases.
  • • Adhesive Dispensing SyringeGuns are safe and hygienic, reducing risk of operator contact with the materials being dispensed. They fit comfortably in the hand for use over long periods of time which minimises the risk of repetitive strain injury. The guns are autoclavable.


  • 2 sizes of gun available
  • Includes syringe, piston and tips
  • Powerful hand lever leverage
  • Lightweight materials
  • Quick syringe attachment
  • Low cost solution


Includes the following items: 

  • 1 x 10cc or 30cc manual SyringeGun
  • 1 x 10cc or 30cc clear syringe barrel
  • 1 x 10cc or 30cc wiper piston
  • 1 x tip cap seal
  • 10 x needle tips (assorted gauge sizes)
Part No. Volum Material Color Length  Height  Weight
FU-SG10 10cc Nylon, Polypropylene Red/White 190mm (excluding push rod) 135mm 115g (without syringe barrel)
FU-SG30 30CC or 55CC Nylon, Polypropylene Red/White 190mm (excluding push rod) 135mm  115g (without syringe barrel)