MARTIN Heating System 2000W – HOT BEAM 05




●Flexibility in terms of the circuit board’s shape and size; up to 200 x 250 mm are able to be processed.

●Preheating circuit board for the subsequent Rework process, through to curing and cracking of underfill.

●Various operating modes, e.g. for consistent power, consistent temperature and profiles.

●HOTBEAM and SMART DESOLDER combination for the perfect rework.

●Use of temperature profiles via PC software.

●Table mount available.

Power consumption: 2,100 VA
Power underheating system: 2,000 W                   (4 x IR-lamps)
Size underheating system: 185 x 245 mm2
Max. PCB size: 200 x 260 mm2
Temperature range: 50 °C – 250 °C       (1°C steps)
Mains: 1 Phase, 85 – 250 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz
Cooling: Electrically, 4 x fans
Dimensions: 450 x 370 x 70 mm3
Weight: 4500 g

Specification is subject to change without notice for the improvement of product performance.