MOTORISED P. C. BOARD SEPARATOR (103.0001- CUTTING LENGTH 450 MM – 110 V)(104.0001 – CUTTING LENGTH 600 MM – 110 V )(103.0002- CUTTING LENGTH 450 MM – 220 V )(104.0002 – CUTTING LENGTH 600 MM – 220 V)

The SEP2M is a motorised P.C. Board separator designed for pre-incised and pre-assembled PCBs. The fixed lower linear blade facilitates the positioning of the board using the pre-incision as a reference. Separation length is 450mm or 600 mm. With the SEP2M the upper blade run is controlled by a foot pedal and the length of this run can be programmed through push buttons located on the main control panel.
The distance between the upper circular blade and the lower linear blade can be adjusted. The height of the front and back supporting tables is also adjustable. Circular upper and lower linear blades are also available in pleated titanium.

104.0001 and 104.0002 are only supplied with titanium pleated blades