PP Flexible Dispensing Tips


Polypropylene tips include a plastic double helix locking hub, with a polypropylene canula (tubing) based on gauge size. These tips are excellent for dispensing into small areas or through holes. The luer locking helix thread prevents the tip from working loose under pressure. Flexible needle tips for use with most fluids and especially good for reactive adhesives and moisture sensitive fluids suchas cyanoacrylate instant glues and most solvent based fluids.
Package: 100pcs/bag

Guage (6.35mm) (7.93mm) (12.70mm)  (25.4mm) (38.1mm) ID OD Color  Package
14G TE614025 TE614031 TE614050 TE614100 TE614150 1.40 1.80  Olive  100
15G TE615025 TE615031 TE615050 TE615100 TE615150 1.35 1.65  Amber  100
18G TE618025 TE618031 TE618050 TE618100 TE618150 0.80 1.46  Green  100
20G TE620025 TE620031 TE620050 TE620100 TE620150  0.62  0.90  Pink  100
22G TE622025 TE622031 TE622050 TE622100 TE622150  0.41  0.73  Blue  100
25G TE653025 TE625031 TE625050 TE625100 TE625150  0.25  0.51  Red  100