Reflow Oven Cleaner


  • Speeds cleaning of ovens, pallets and wave solder machines even when hot
  • Also cleans baffles, heating elements, clamps, chains, drive gears and housings
  • Activated by the residual heat of the oven
  • Can be used in dip tanks and ultrasonic cleaners
  • Melts away burned-on flux residues
  • Reduces equipment down time and cleaning costs
  • Four times faster than isopropyl alcohol
  • Nonflammable and non-foaming

Technical Details
Chemical Family: Water Based
Safety Rating: Nonflammable
VOC Content: (g/L) 495

Product Part Number Packaging* Size
Reflow Oven Cleaner MCC-ROC Refillable Pump Spray 340g
 MCC-ROCP  19 Liter Cubitainer 15kg
 MCC-ROCD  200 Liter Drum 198kg