Syringe (EFD)


Dispensing syringe barrels are silicone and chloride-free and designed to work with syringe guns and pneumatic dispensers.
The syringe barrels are made from low friction polypropylene to ensure accuracy, repeatability and productivity.
Features a luer lock for secure dispense tip attachment. Available in 3 colors: Natural for most generic applications, Amber provides protection  of UV/ visible light block(up to 520nm), but with the ability to see material inside the syringe barrel, and Black for total light block.
Maximum operating pressure 100 psi(6.9bar). Pistons available for all barrel sizes as well as end caps and adapter assemblies. Package: 50pcs/bag.

Vol Clear Black Amber Dark Amber Package
3cc TE1E03C  TE1E03B  TE1E03A  TE1E03D  50
5cc TE1E0SC  TE1E058  TE1E0SA  TE1E05D  50
10cc TE1E10C  TE1E10B  TE1E10A  TE1E10D 50
30cc TE1E30C  TE1E308  TE1E30A  TE1E30D  50
55cc TE1E55C  TE1E55B  TE1E55A  TE1E55D  50