TAD-300L (Time Compensated Dispensing Controller)


The controller which can discharge a certain amount according to the change of the discharge amount due to the head head difference which is further improved than the AUTOMATIC-7 product

  • Reduce tolerance by ± 3% from ± 20%, ensuring more precise quantification
  • Reduces the response time by the discharge signal by 50% and reduces the waiting time at the start and stop of discharge (realizes high-speed response type)
  • More precise discharge time control with 1/1000 second control
  • 50% less noise with high-grade silencer
  • Automatic correction of change in discharge amount due to water head difference and change in start point position during point discharge or line discharge
  • Minimum correction time: 0.001sec (Auto adjustment of discharge time per 100 ~ 500 times for 50cc barrel)
Model  TAD-300L
Control method Electronic / Pneumatic system
Patten channel 1 ~ 10 channels
Memory function 500 memory
Dispensing pressure 0~ 10kg / cm2(S:Standard), 0~4kg/cm2(L:Option), 0~2kg/com2(P:Option)
Time range 0.001 ~ 9.999 sec
Dispensing section LCD digital display
Input / Out signal Open collector, DC 24V (Selector by change)
Out signal Open collector, DC 24V
Power source AC220V 50/60Hz(AC100V 50/60Hz:Option)
Dimension / Height 176(W) x 154(D) x 72(H)mm, 2.4kg