TAD-400SR (Dispensing Controller for Spray Valve)



Air blow and dispensing time are set on the LCD panel to realize precise spraying without condensation.

  • It is a product that improves the convenience by Timer with small discharge volume control and high speed operation, automatic discharge by interval timer, and automatic stop function.
  • It is easy to automate and interface with various external output functions.
  • In manual mode, digital timer is displayed as LED, so it is easy to set auto discharge time.
  • Resetting is not necessary because the existing data is remembered even when power is re-entered.
  • Blow function is built in to eliminate the liquid condensation at the end of the needle after ejection.
  • Built-in internal timer up to 10 channels enables automatic mode to cope with various discharge volumes.

Applicable material

  • Low viscosity liquid, Coating liquid, Oil, Flux
Model  TAD-400SR
Control method Electronic / Pneumatic system
Patten channel 1 ~ 10 channels
Memory function 500 memory
Dispensing pressure 0~6kg/cm2, (0~2kg/cm2:Option)
Dispensing time 0.01 ~ 99.99 sec
Dispensing section LED digital display
Input / Out signal Open collector, DC 24V, 20mmsec (Relay)
Power comsuption AC220V 50/60Hz(AC100V 50/60Hz:Option)
External dimension and Height 232(W) x 186(D) x 81(H)mm, 2.7kg