TE Premier Bent Dispensing Tips


The TE needle series consist of a stainless-steel shaft with a double helix polypropylene hub.
This premier line of dispensing needles is burr-free, and electro-polished shaft for unobstructed and consistent material flow. In addition they are silicone and chloride free.
Designed to dispense most viscosity fluids and adhesives and safe for use to 100 psi.
These tips are 45 or 90 degree bend which are suitable for applying fluids inside the bore of products or under components. Package: 1 00pcs/bag

Guage 1/2″  45 Dgree 1/2″ 90 Dgree  1″ 45 Dgree 1″ 90 Dgree Color  Package
14G TE71405045 TE71405090 TE71410045 TE71415090  Olive  100
15G TE71505045 TE71505090 TE71510045 TE71515090  Amber  100
18G TE71805045 TE71805090 TE71810045 TE71815090  Green  100
20G TE72005045 TE72005090 TE72010045 TE72015090  Pink  100
21G TE72105045 TE72105090 TE72110045 TE72115090  Purple  100
22G TE72205045 TE72205090 TE72210045 TE72215090  Blue  100
23G TE72305045 TE72405090 TE72410045 TE72415090  Orange  100
25G TE72505045 TE72505090 TE72510045 TE72515090  Red  100
27G TE72705045 TE72705090 TE72710045 TE72715090  Clear  100
30G TE73005045 TE73005090 TE73010045 TE73015090  Lavender  100
Guage Color 
14  Olive
15  Amber
18  Green
20  Pink
21  Purple
22  Blue
23  Orange
25  Red
27  Clear
30  Lavender