TidyPen® Adhesive & Label Remover


  • Excellent for removing adhesives, tape residues, pressure sensitive marking tags, paper labels, stickers, EPROM labels and Kapton® residues
  • Also removes corrosion from gold fingers on PCBs
  • Pocket-sized cleaning with almost unlimited uses
  • Simple to use, fast and convenient
  • ESD-safe aluminum packaging
  • Replacement nibs available

Technical Details
Chemical Family: Terpene
Hydrocarbons and Siloxane Blend
Cleaning Strength (Kb): 67
Evaporation Rate: Slow
Safety Rating: Flammable
VOC Content: 178 g/L

Special note
Photo shows new packaging which will be shipping in late 2014. Older packaging will be discontinued and available only while supplies last. Product functionality is unchanged.

Product Part Number Units
TidyPen® Adhesive & Label Remover (Old Package) MCC-P01 Discontinued
TidyPen® Adhesive & Label Remover (New Package) MCC-PEN1  1 Pen per Box
TidyPen® Adhesive & Label Remover (New Package) MCC-PEN5  5 Pens per Box