TT Tapered Tips


High quality tapered tips in gauge sizes from 14 to 25. Suitable for many fluids including solder pastes, fluxes, gels, epoxies, grease, compounds, particle filled materials, adhesives, silicones, sealants and RTVs. Double helix locking luer thread provides safe attachment to all syringes and valves.
Package: 1 00pcs/bag

Guage Part No  Color  ID (mm) Package
14G TN14 Olive 1.50+/-0.03  100
16G TN16 Grey 1.20+/-0.03  100
18G TN18 Green 0.84+/-0.03  100
20G TN20 Pink 0.63+/-0.03  100
22G TN22 Blue 0.41 +/-0.03  100
25G TN25 Red 0.28+/-0.03  100