Stencil Cleaning Rolls


  • Exact configurations matching to OEM rolls and specifications
  • MicroWipe™ rolls feature the exclusive MicroWipe™ FP fabric which is engineered for fine-pitch applications
  • Eliminates the need to use solvents during wiping
  • Extends roll life about 50%, reducing stencil cleaning costs
  • Durable and absorbent, avoiding cellulose fibers or glue residues
  • Extends printing cycles and minimizes cleaning cycles, increasing throughput
  • Contact MicroCare for custom sizes
Stencil Roll Type Part Number General Description**
Ekra Premium FP MCC-J174DA 6.7 m Long / 500 mm wide
MPM Premium FP MCC-101DA 11 m Long/ 450 mm Wide
DEK Premium FP MCC-105DA 9 m Long/ 530 mm Wide
Panasonic Premium FP MCC-J154DA 33 m Long/ 350 mm Wide

The MicroWipe™ FP fabric from MicroCare is a unique understencil wiping fabric (not paper) engineered by MicroCare to deliver the finest stencil printing possible, even with highdensity, lead-free pastes. It is more expensive than paper rolls, but reduces overall costs by eliminating waste and speeding printing. Contact MicroCare for details of the product and the ways they save companies money.

MicroCare has hundreds of additional rolls and custom configurations for these and other stencil printers, including MPM, DEK, Accela, Ekra, Panasonic, Fuji, Yamaha and others. Contact MicroCare for details.

** Special Note: Roll length is approximate and will vary slightly, because like all stencil rolls the FP fabric varies in thickness up to +/- 10%. MicroCare does not guarantee roll length, but defines the stencil rolls by the outer diameter of the roll. Excess fabric on the roll will cause jamming of the printer.